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A range of chemical degassing and degassing cum grain refining agents for aluminum and its alloys.

General Description

DEGASER products are compacted tablets in different sizes to facilitate treatment of various melt sizes . They are plunged into aluminum melts for degassing.


  • Plunge the recommended quantity as per the application guide to the bottom of the melt using a preheated cylindrical or rectangular basket type plunger when the temperature is falling. The degassing should be continued until the bubbling ceases.
  • Coat the plunger with a refractory coating to prevent iron pick up. Dry the plunger completely before use.
  • Remove the wrapper before the DEGASER tablets are plunged, otherwise metal may pick up hydrogen from the decomposition products of the wrapper. Do not expose DEGASER tablets to atmosphere as far as possible as moisture pick up would result.
  • As a gentle rolling action creates more efficient degassing than a turbulent action, apply DEGASER tablets in two or more successive operations rather than in a single operation.
  • In case of Al-Si Hypoeutectic and eutectic alloys, degas before modification treatment. This helps in securing a constant degree of modification by destroying any existing modification and then remodifying to a known and desired extent.

In case of AI-Si hypereutic alloys, degas before and after grain refining treatment. This helps in knocking off sodium present in the melt before grain refinement and in getting better dispersion of the primary silicon particles after grain Refinement.



  • Degaser-190 (All Sizes) : Blue
  • Degaser-200 ( 50 Gms) : White
  • Degaser-200 (100 Gms) : White
  • Degaser-200 (250 Gms) : White
  • Degaser-200 (500 Gms) : White


  • Tablets


  • 1.7 to 1.9 GRMS / CC


DEGASER tablets are available in four sizes 50 gm, 100 gm, 250 gm and 500 gm.
DEGASER tablets are wrapped in poly lined aluminium foil and supplied in cardboard boxes.

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